Budlight Lime Strawberry Margarita $2.49 @ 99 Ranch

To start things off, I do apologize for not writing any alcohol review in the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, I had meant to write a review but did not have the time to do. Last week, I had gotten in the mail from the DMV that my car is due for renewal and lo and behold, I need to go to a star-certified smog station to get a smog check. And it just happened that my car failed the smog check so I ended up spending the weekend researching and hunting down other smog stations and asking the smog techs what they think may be the problem. And then I got into a car accident where a driver sped through a red light and hit my car as I was making my left turn so that totally soured my weekend enough so that I didn’t felt like drinking and writing a review, which is a first for me.


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Anyway, I decided to go the more fruity route this time around and I had heard some good things about this one. The Budlight Lime Strawberry Margarita, if I had to sum it up in a few words? It tastes like a carbonated strawberry lime soda. It has a tangy, lime taste to it, which all things considered, isn’t bad. The strawberry flavoring comes through as an aftertaste rather than at the forefront of the flavor profile. The carbonation and the tangy, lime flavor will be the first flavors you’ll taste right at the get go, after which point, the strawberry flavor comes to the fore.

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The ABV (alcohol by volume) rating on the can was what caught my eye. Not the picture of the strawberry or the classic margarita glass with what looks like a light pink strawberry liquid in the cup. It is at a respectable 8% ABV, which I can totally dig. And the can itself is 25 fl oz (fluid ounces, which while not common, it is nice to know that I get an extra ounce of booze rather than a standard tall boy, which is 24 fl oz.


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The more I sip on this, the more that I am beginning to like this taste. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s refreshing precisely because it’s leaning more on the sour side and leaves your mouth feeling all stick inside but the higher alcohol content definitely is the highlight of this can of liquid goodness. On an empty stomach, the alcohol is definitely working its magic rather quickly.


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All in all, if I saw this can again in a supermarket, I would definitely buy this again because it tastes just like soda except the bonus points comes from the higher than average alcohol content. (To be fair, 8% isn’t really all that high compared to Four Lokos back when they used to be around but this isn’t a malt liquor–at least, I don’t think it is nor is it marketed as such. But if it were, the ABV would be considered pretty low.) Nevertheless, since it tastes so much like a soda, I would totally buy it again if I wanted a quick buzz that wasn’t hard liquor.

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