Pueblo Lindo Taquitos Chile & Lime: The Taki’s Alternative

Taki’s has been my favorite when it comes to spicy lime rolled-up nacho chips but Pueblo Lindo’s Taquitos is actually a pretty good alternative at a cheaper price. While it doesn’t have that classic super tangy lime mixed with spicy pepper taste like Taki’s, it’s almost a dollar cheaper and the size of the bag is a little bigger as well. The flavor is certainly a tangy lime and spicy pepper taste though, just more mild, relatively speaking.


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The crunch is a bit different than Taki’s though. It’s, for lack of a better way of explaining it, a bit harder to chew on, at least for the one’s that are rolled up. The one’s that didn’t make the cut and were only partially rolled up or even still a flat round chip? Those are unusually soft but those were the one’s that were packed with the most flavor and they come pretty close to Taki’s at that.


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These were priced at $1.89 at Aldi’s and the size of the bag is 9.9 ounces. There was a point in time when Taki’s was that same price and hell, even cheaper than that but every year, it seems like the prices just jump $0.25 here and there that now it’s at the current price of $2.89 for a slightly smaller bag of 8.8 ounces. But at that price range, I may as well just spend an additional $0.10 to get a bigger bag of regular potato chips at my local Smart & Final. Nevertheless, now that Aldi is carrying the Taki’s alternative, I think I may just switch over just because it’s cheaper and the taste, while not entirely the same, is close enough and the bag size is a bit bigger.


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All in all, the Taki’s alternative is a sure bet in my books if you want Taki’s but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag nowadays that for the same price could get you a bigger bag of potato chips.

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