Dinkel Acker CD-PILS is Like a BitBurger Premium Lager

I saw this beer while shopping at Bevmo on December 28th, 2017 when I had to go down to my credit union to get some rolls of quarters withdrawn from my account. Since I was in the Pasadena area for my credit union, I decided to stop in the Bevmo that was there. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with my booze reviews, I think you’ll know by now that I usually visit one of a handful of places to get my booze: CVS, RiteAid, Smart&Final, Big Savers Food, and Bevmo. Of these places, I frequent CVS and Bevmo much more frequently to get booze since 1) CVS tends to have better deals for liquor while 2) Bevmo tend to a wider selection of imported booze relative to the rest of them.


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Their business model is to sell booze, after all, so they’d better, right? The remaining stores are pharmacies or supermarkets so their selection is limited to which brewing company that they are licensed to sell with.

Anyway, I really this CD-Pils by Dinkel Acker. It’s like a malty pilsner. It’s still light like a pilsner but it has that distinct malty flavor that makes this beer rather delicious. I’m surprised that these weren’t flying off the shelves of Bevmo, despite the sale at $1.99 per 16 oz can. Regular price is at a shocking $2.99. What. The. Hell. It’s good but damn, I wish it was cheaper because I was so totally make this my go-to beer for everyday drinking.


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It’s not that fizzy and it’s clean enough that you can enjoy the malty flavors without either overpowering each other. It’s rated at a respectable 4.9% ABV and usually imported beers tipping the 5% ABV barrier tend to have a distinct bite to it. This one does not and is reminiscent of the Bitburger beer that I had some time back. It’s pretty similar. That malty flavor is really what gets me going when it comes to beer and when done right, it’s pretty damn good. It doesn’t really leave a sticky residue on one’s lips, which is a plus in my books and despite the ABV being on the low end, for whatever reason, I’m feeling the effects much faster than when I had the Mississippi Mud the other day, which was a whole quart and I still didn’t feel a thing after.


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All in all, I would recommend this beer for an everyday go-to beer but the price point is what really stops me from making that a regular thing. Granted, $2.99 isn’t a lot of money but if you want that buzz, suddenly that $2.99 starts to add up real quickly. You’d have to decide for yourself if that’s worth it. For me though? I’ll take a weaker domestic beer that makes up for it in quantity than quality. If I really wanted to get wasted, I’d drink something stronger. Plain and simple. But hitting buzz and maintaining that buzz without sipping on some nasty tasting booze is something of a feat for the bottom shelf booze. Nevertheless, I’m confident that it’s possible to hit that buzz without having to undergo nasty tasting booze, which is the point of this blog so I hope you’ll stay tuned for my next one very soon.

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