Foster’s Lager “Australian For Beer” $2.79 @ 99 Ranch

Foster’s Lager was one of those iconic beers that popped up in American television that sort of parodies Australian’s as being a certain way like the movie Crocodile Dundee but at the same time, it was made for the American audience. I remember for a time, their slogan was “Foster’s. Australian for Beer” and each of those 30 second or so segments of commercials were pretty damn funny and this was me as a kid who wasn’t even old enough to drink beer.


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I’ve actually had Foster’s before when I was old enough to drink and I vaguely remember it as tasting pretty similar to a PBR. And depending on which supermarket you frequent, the regular retail price can be anywhere between $2.49 for 25.4 fl oz can to $3.29 a can. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it higher at local liquor stores and convenience stores but the average is between that range. It just so happens that 99 Ranch was charging it at $2.79.


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Frankly, since I popped open the can, and took my first sip, this definitely tastes like a PBR. It has that classic sourness that PBR tends to have in the mouthfeel. I might even compare it to a Budweiser Original. On top of that, it’s very carbonated just like the domestic American beers.

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Funny thing about Foster’s, at least when I was kid, was that even though they advertised it as an Australian beer, the beer can itself advertises it as being made in the USA with US and imported ingredients–whatever that latter half means. So if it’s made in the USA, wouldn’t that make it an American beer, even though the brand is technically advertised as an Australian beer? Then again, Nike and Reebok, they get their materials from China and all over the world to make their shoes and while most of the shoes are pre-made elsewhere, the final touches are done in the USA so they can technically still market it as “American-made” because the final process is done on US soil. By extensions, I would imagine that Foster’s beer would be something along those lines as well.


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The nice thing about Foster’s is that the ABV is rated at a respectable 5% ABV. PBR is rated at 4.74% ABV so between the two, Foster’s is about 0.3% higher in alcohol content relative to the latter. Frankly, I’m not sure how much of a difference that would make but hey, alcohol is alcohol and every bit counts, I guess.

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All in all, Foster’s is actually ok. It’s easy to drink, goes down relatively smoothly, but so do the rest of the domestic American beers. In all likelihood though, I probably wouldn’t buy Foster’s again, just because PBR is a cheaper alternative. I would only realistically buy Foster’s again if Bud Ice or Miller High Life or any of the other big bottled beers of roughly two pints worth of beer at roughly the same price range weren’t available.

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