Tales of the NY Gal

I’ve dedicated this section to an episode or chapter in my life where I met a gal off of Facebook from an Asian American activist group and how it went from a fairly pleasant friendship which quickly deteriorated when things became more intimate between us.

I can only describe this chapter in my life as a strange mix of wonder, curiosity, and disappointment. And I’ve chronicled them here to describe a dating hiccup that, to me, started out on a good footing only to be crushed into a thousand pieces in the latter half of this relationship.

For all intents and purposes, I would have seriously considered this gal to have long-term potential but my relationship with her never reached that pinnacle. My hope is that you might gain some insight from what I’ve chronicled here. This particular section might get moved under a different section at a later time but as of right now, it deserves its own dedicated section apart from my other personal articles.